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Utility Patents

A utility patent covers matter typically regarded by the public as “inventions” – new machines, processes, manufactures, compositions of matter, and improvements thereon. The utility patent covers the way such an apparatus would work, or may cover the apparatus itself.

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Design Patents

A design patent protects any new, original, and ornamental design, and is directed to the appearance of an article of manufacture.

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Plant Patents

A plant patent can be in turn be obtained on a new variety of asexually reproducible plants.

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Trademarks and Service Marks

As a business owner, protecting your goodwill is among the most vital concerns of your company. Our attorneys offer complimentary consultations to evaluate your trademark portfolio, including whether your proposed name and/or logos comply with the legal requirements of the Lanham Act.

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Copyrights protect literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works against copying.
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Each of the attorneys in our firm have established successful records at both the district court and appellate level in patent, trademark, and copyright litigation. The Keaty Patent Firm offers flexible billing arrangements to suit the needs of your particular legal situation.

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