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1. Overview
2. Preparation and
3. Correspondance
    with PTO
4. Issuance of Patent
5. Summary of
6. Domestic and
    Foreign Rights
7. Deadlines for Filing
    a Patent Application
8. Deadlines for filing
    U.S. Patent Application
9. Deadlines for filing
    Foreign Patent Application
10. Life of a Patent

     Issuance of Utility Patent

       f the patent application is finally approved, the Patent Examiner will issue a "Notice of Allowance and Issue Fee Due." This Notice indicates that the prosecution phase of the application is finished, and that the patent will issue soon if certain fees are paid to the Patent and Trademark Office. In most cases, the cost of the issue fee is $755-$1,510, and represents the printing and administrative costs charged by the Patent Office for printing and indexing the new patent, drafting fees and attorneys' fees.

      An inventor has exactly three months in which to pay the issue fee after a Notice of Allowance is issued. If the issue fee is not paid by the inventor, the Patent Office will close the file on the case, the patent will not issue, and the inventor may lose any rights he has in the invention. Accordingly, it is most important that the inventor give his prompt attention to the Notice of Allowance and Issue Fee Due when it is received.
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