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       copyright protects works of an author, artist or composer against copying. Literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works are included within the protection of the copyright law. The copyright goes to the form of expression rather than to the subject matter of the writing.

      The cost of obtaining a copyright registration is about $350.00 including the filing fee charged by the Copyright Office.

      In order to file a copyright application, you need to provide the attorney with three complete copies of the work on which you seek protection.

      You should always place a copyright notice prominently on any work in which you plan to claim a copyright. The copyright notice should contain the following elements: Copyright or ©, followed by the year of publication and the name of the claimant of the copyright. For example, if John Jones published a new book in 1984, he would place the following information on the title page of his work: ©1984 John Jones.

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